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Our Services

ATN Group (Pty) Ltd specializes in major and minor civil engineering construction. Clients are using our services due to ATN’s competitive pricing and excellence in delivering a superior service.

Civil Work Operations:

Upgrading of all types of major roads, Interchanges, Bridges, Sub-Stations, Infrastructure and Landscaping Upgrades, Upgrading of Stormwater drainage, Water Reticulation Upgrades, Paving, Slope failure protection.

Traffic Accommodation:

Our teams consist of a highly skilled Specialised trained Traffic Safety officers.


Erosion protection Units. We have qualified teams specialising in the erection of gabion baskets.


Marking and spraying of traffic lines and symbols according to specification.


Removing of existing traffic lines and symbols according to specification.

Road Studs:

Installation of road studs(cat eyes),solar studs and vuka studs.


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